The Flux Capacitor of Marketing Technology and Why It’s Important to Small and Midsize Businesses

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marekting automation solutions

Marketing automation solutions are quickly becoming a “must have” for businesses, but there are plenty of small and midsize business managers who don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

Why is automation so hot right now?

Businesses are excited because of a concept I call the “Flux Capacitor of Marketing Technology” — or the interaction between three core technologies crucial to running a cohesive sales and marketing program:

  • A content managed website (usually running WordPress as the CMS or Content Management System)
  • An email marketing platform (think MailChimp or AWeber)
  • A CRM (or Customer Relationship Manager, usually something like Salesforce, Highrise or Zoho).

When I began working with small and midsize business clients in 2006, the number of clients in my portfolio utilizing even two of the three core technologies could be counted on one hand, even if I had been missing some fingers. But now, eight years later, a huge segment of the SMB market uses at least two out of three of these solutions.

The problem though is that these three solutions are usually designed to function independently. A business owner who owns all three systems will quickly realize that none of the solutions interact in a meaningful way and, as a result, none of them are used to their full potential.

…and that’s where automation comes in.

The role of marketing automation in this framework is to sit in the middle of the Flux Capacitor, creating links and efficiencies between these platforms. For example:

  • Serving offers to a lead based on their interests
  • A conversion on one offer triggering a series of emails designed to promote a second offer
  • Using a lead or visitor’s behavior on the website to funnel them towards a specific goal
  • Updating a lead’s CRM record based on browsing behavior on the site or participation in a specific offer

Choosing your marketing automation solution

Most marketing automation solutions, ORBTR included, are designed to help you achieve these types of goals — and others. But where ORBTR differs from the crowd is in HOW we help you get there: most marketing automation solutions deliver their tools by replacing portions of all 3 core technologies. Instead, we provide WordPress native lead tracking and provide a hub so other solutions can integrate.

For example, if you are a small business and you are using WordPress as your CMS, MailChimp as your email marketing and Salesforce as your CRM, and wanted to start an automation initiative with Infusionsoft, for example, you would need to:

  • Stop using MailChimp altogether, move your contacts, rebuild your templates and retrain your people to do all your email through Infusionsoft
  • Stop using Salesforce altogether, move your contacts and history and retrain your people to manage CRM functions through Infusionsoft
  • Replace all your forms in WordPress, recreate any landing pages you may be running through WordPress in Infusionsoft, replace your ecommerce, and retrain your people to manage all of this in Infusionsoft.

Additionally, of course, you would also need to learn how to build and manage campaigns. This process takes time, generally months.

Where ORBTR differs is that we only add to the Flux Capacitor technologies without the need to replace them and the only thing you need to learn and build is NEW functionality rather than spending months replacing much of what you may have spent months or years setting up.

Pay attention to the Flux Capacitor when you are choosing marketing automation solutions and make sure you understand how you want these core technologies to interact as you build your sales and marketing campaigns. Those decisions can save you thousands of dollars, months of time, and easily become the difference between running your Flux Capacitor profitably, or at a significant loss.

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