Qualifying Leads: 3 Things You Should Know

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tracking sales leads

Properly qualifying leads when tracking sales leads is important in crafting a well-oiled sales and marketing machine. That’s why we wanted to dedicate a post here to the things most small businesses don’t realize about lead qualification.

1. Qualifying Leads is IMPORTANT

Most small businesses have very limited supplies of time and human resources. And every misqualified lead that comes in through your website is wasting those precious resources — creating phone calls, emails and appointments that should have never happened — and diverting time and attention away from customers and qualified leads.

Poorly qualified leads are a terrible use of time and energy and you want to ensure that they won’t bring your sales organization to a screeching halt, you need to cut them off at the source: your website.

2. Qualifying Leads is Part of Your Website’s Job

Yes, your website has many jobs and one of them is qualifying the individuals that come to your site. Very few of us have products or services that are truly good fits for everyone. Well, you might say only half-sarcastically, “Well, everyone needs underwear — what if I sell underwear?” Even something as universal as underwear comes made in so many shapes, sizes, materials, varieties and colors that you’d have to keep an enormous stock on hand just to satisfy a FRACTION of the variety available on the marketplace.

And so even in selling something as universal as underwear, you would still want to qualify your visitors. Think about how much better traffic I would get — and how much more relevant my email inquiries would be — if I positioned all the content on my website around “Ironic Boxer Shorts for Hipsters” instead of just “underwear” or even “boxer shorts.”

Be specific in your content, it matters.

3. Cross Functional Feedback is Important

ORBTR began as something my marketing agency built for our clients. And when we had our first version of our tracking sales leads software, we started reviewing the results with clients on a lead-by-lead basis. It’s extremely important to understand which leads didn’t work out because marketing misqualified them vs. the leads that didn’t work out because sales couldn’t close them.

Regular, productive dialogue between sales and marketing can make both sides more profitable and can help ensure that better lead qualification is an ongoing process and that the quality of what comes in through the website always gets better over time.

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