ORBTR’s Zapier Integration Just Got Even Better!

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What business owner wouldn’t want their WordPress marketing automation to automagically respond to the behavior of their clients and prospects? wordpress marketing automation

Since we launched our first public release in March, team ORBTR has been telling you how it’s possible to facilitate serious marketing automation through WordPress. Now, that promise has gotten even stronger with the additions we just made to our Zapier integration.

For readers who are unfamiliar, Zapier is an online service that allows novice users with no coding or development experience, visually create their own software integrations between more than 200 popular online services. We unveiled ORBTR’s first integration with Zapier back in May.

When we released ORBTR 2.5.1 last month, one of the key feature additions was the ability to segment your leads and visitors automatically using Orbits. And now, with our improved Zapier integration, you can trigger actions in third party services like MailChimp, Salesforce, Zoho, Highrise, Google Docs, GMail, Evernote and others when:

  • An individual is added to an Orbit
  • An individual is removed from an Orbit, or
  • Members of an Orbit return to your site


Now, when you track your visitors and leads and use Orbits to segment them, you can use Zapier to automatically:

  • Add them to drip marketing lists
  • Unsubscribe them from lists
  • Create notes or tasks in your CRM for your sales people
  • Trigger emails
  • Update a Google Spreadsheet
  • Notify your sales people via SMS…

Plus hundreds of other potential actions among well over 100 services that ORBTR can talk to via Zapier. And as you track your leads via WordPress, ORBTR and Zapier will make the rest of the magic happen for you in the background without any additional effort from you on an ongoing basis.

Have questions about how ORBTR and Zapier work together to make WordPress marketing automation possible? Shoot us a note or stop by our virtual office hours every Wednesday at 1PM EST.

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