ORBTR releases “Bot-Less” version 2.9.1

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ORBTR 2.9.1 is hitting WordPress sites everywhere this morning and it includes several big changes from our last major release, version 2.9 which was unveiled in December.

You will no longer see search bots in your tracking history!

The robots are gone from ORBTR for good! That means that the people you see in your visitor and intelligence report on ORBTR are all going to be actual humans from this point forward. We will make no guarantees as to the quality of the humans that visit your site but nevertheless, this upgrade does ensure that the data you find within your ORBTR tracking is more focused and valuable than ever before.

Our integration with Gravity Forms is better than ever!

Our legacy ORBTR integration (the familiar checkbox under form settings) has been replaced with a more powerful feature that allows you to map your form fields to ORBTR. This is a much more powerful feature than the original and also corrects a software conflict some ORBTR users were experiencing with the latest version of Gravity Forms.

NOTE: Existing ORBTR users will need to redo all their existing form integrations when they upgrade — we realize that this will be a one-time hassle but it is crucial as we are not only improving the functionality but also correcting a bug with the new version of Gravity Forms which may prevent ORBTR from receiving lead information from your site.

Instructions for using the new integration are in the video below:

Better browser and OS recognition

ORBTR now recognizes all of the following browsers and operating systems in our lead tracking:

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Bug fixes

Yes, there are always bug fixes… In addition to the Gravity Forms fix mentioned earlier, the only other notable fix — outside of various API-side performance enhancements — has corrected an issue that was preventing 1), notification emails for leads as they were added to Orbits and, 2), notification emails for returning leads within specific Orbits from being delivered properly.

ORBTR 2.9.1 is available now!

Current subscribers should see the update available in their WordPress websites right now. Please contact us with any questions at all!

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