ORBTR Now Integrates Seamlessly with Over 100 Online Services Including Salesforce Integration, Highrise, Zoho, MailChimp + More!

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Team ORBTR is proud to announce an integration with Zapier, an online service which makes it possible to leverage ORBTR’s lead tracking data across over 100 popular web applications without EVER writing a single line of code.

“Since we launched, we’ve had lots of requests for other services like Salesforce integration, Highrise, other CRM’s, Google Docs, and other integrations. But building all those API’s directly into ORBTR was going to be a daunting task,” according to ORBTR founder Erik Wolf. “By partnering with Zapier, we can instantly open the door to thousands of potential integrations. Zapier’s interface is completely visual and so anyone, regardless of experience, can log in and create whatever integration they want in minutes. That’s a very powerful tool and an incredible value for ORBTR subscribers.”

Here are just a few of the ways ORBTR users can leverage the power of Zapier in their marketing:

  • Automatically add a new lead to Salesforce, Highrise, Zoho, Batchbook, Sugar, MailChimp or a number of other CRM and email marketing solutions.
  • Automatically subscribe a lead to a specific email or autoresponder list based on factors like viewing a particular page or changing lead priority from “Warm” to “Hot”
  • Automatically unuibscribing a lead from a specific list based on similar factors
  • Sending a push notification to your phone when a “Hot” lead returns to your site
  • Adding a lead’s browsing history on your website as notes to their CRM record
  • Sending lead data to a Google Spreadsheet
  • Texting you when a specific lead returns to your site
  • Create a Google Task or Evernote to follow up with a lead who visited your site
  • Adding a row to a MySQL or MS SQL database
  • Adding a lead to your accounting system, like Freshbooks or QuickBooks.

A few sample integrations (or “Zaps” as Zapier calls them) are already generally available on Zapier, but users can easily create their own. Zapier has a free subscription which allows users to use up to 5 Zaps at one time but does not allow acces to services they flag as “Premium,” including Salesforce and QuickBooks, for example. Paid subscriptions start at just $15/month,

“We’re excited about what this means for our subscribers. A lot of our clients are small business people who often don’t have access to strong developers. With Zapier we can all but eliminate the need for our customers to write custom integrations for ORBTR so they can fully realize the power of the lead tracking data we are gathering on their behalf.”

Zapier integration comes included in ORBTR version 2.3.9, available to subscribers now.

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