ORBTR 2.9 — with new prospecting email functionality for salespeople — releases TODAY!

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ORBTR’s goal has always been to provide the best sales and marketing tools available for small businesses: and we’ve furthered that goal with version 2.9 which releases today.

The crown jewel of this update is a prospecting email sales system for salespeople — functionality that integrates with Mandrill, a leading transactional email system by MailChimp. In addition to providing the backbone for this feature, MailChimp’s team provided guidance and feedback throughout the process and financially backed a large portion of ORBTR 2.9 through their Integration Fund.

MailChimp’s support and partnership were crucial to this project and we’d like to thank their integration team for helping us bring this update to life.

What is a prospecting (or sales) email system?

Email marketing takes many forms — the traditional email blast/newsletter is one and triggered/drip/autoresponder emails are another. All of those emails:

  • are based on email lists
  • are usually fulfilled by a system like MailChimp
  • will generally include an “opt-out” message
  • deliver the exact same message to the entire recipient group

But other sales/marketing email needs don’t fit this template. For example,

  • personalized email followups to qualified buyers after a trade show or event
  • introductory emails to “cold” or referred prospects
  • followups after an introductory sales call, meeting or teleconference

Our prospecting email system/sales software allows ORBTR users to create and send these types of highly-customized “one-off” sales and marketing emails while integrating traditional email marketing metrics like opens and clicks as well as ORBTR’s existing lead tracking capabilities.


What features are included in ORBTR’s prospecting system/sales software?


Create “stock” messages that can be used over and over again: Have a great format you like to use for meeting followups, thank yous, etc.? Those messages can be stored in our message center and used repeatedly with whatever customizations your email requires.


Track opens and clicks: Opens and clicks for prospecting emails will be available in your lead records. And, maybe best of all, the same lead tracking links you use in your mass emails are available here as well — so any click from a prospecting email will result in a tracked lead in ORBTR!


Send an email now or in the future: You can schedule your emails to go out at any day/time you like.

Set reminders: Want to send yourself a reminder in a week or a month (or whenever!) to check in with someone after emailing you? You can easily configure your message to trigger an email reminder for yourself in the future.

Sync your prospecting emails with your CRM: ORBTR can automatically BCC your CRM so all your prospecting emails are recorded there as well.

Create multiple sending profiles: You can create multiple sending addresses and add coordinating email signatures.

Will I need to sign up with Mandrill to use ORBTR prospecting emails?

No, all ORBTR accounts running version 2.9 will include access to a shared Mandrill account though if you have a Mandrill account you can use that instead. If you decide to use your own account you will have access to features and analytics via Mandrill outside of what ORBTR provides.

Why integrate with Mandrill?

We have never made it a secret that we value “best practice” services — it’s why we chose to integrate with MailChimp for email marketing rather than build our own platform, it’s why we haven’t built our own alternatives to tools like Gravity Forms or Google Analytics. If we can’t offer a value to our subscribers by building a system ourselves, then we won’t and it’s that simple.

Mandrill is a fantastic platform with an established API, it’s free or affordable for just about every type of business we serve, and of course it’s backed by the people at MailChimp who built the very best small business email marketing system on the planet.

Is this new functionality included in my regular ORBTR subscription?

Yes! Prospecting emails will be included in the base ORBTR subscription now through 6/1/15!

What else is included in ORBTR 2.9?

Yes, there still a bit more. ORBTR 2.9 also includes:

  • The ability to upload as many custom email templates as you like
  • The ability to upload custom landing page templates
  • A WordPress-based code editor for email and landing page templates
  • Performance enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Questions about 2.9? Contact us or click the ORBTR support button in your WordPress dashboard.


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