ORBTR 2.8.1 is here… What you need to know (and a preview of what’s coming next!)

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wordpress plugin

Your favorite wordpress plugin, ORBTR, has released 2.8.1! This is a minor update (our Q3 major release is coming soon and you can scroll down for a quick preview on what will be included there), but before you update your WordPress plugin, here’s what the latest version includes:

Advanced Domain Configuration for Lead Tracking

This is a pretty geeky update and we don’t recommend you mess with this unless you really know what you’re doing. But sometimes ORBTR clients want to track seamlessly across subdomains or otherwise configure the domain that our cookie specifies. Now you can. You can find this setting in the main ORBTR configuration panel.

Additional Info Available in Intelligence Reports

The ORBTR Intelligence Report now includes columns for page views and total visits for each visitor and lead listed. This gives you more info at a glance and helps you decide which leads/visitors may be the most interested in your products/services.

Additional Info and Improved Performance on CSV Exports

The advanced CSV Export feature has been a big hit since we added it in version 2.8 and now it’s even better with visit and page view totals available for each entry. Some customers reported download errors when exporting a large amount of data — this issue has now been corrected.

Bug Fixes

Yes, unexpected things happen from time to time and we try to fix them as quickly as possible. These are usually extremely minor issues that only impact a small number of ORBTR users and not worth mentioning by name.

And what’s coming NEXT?

We’re not going to reveal too much here, but the next major ORBTR release is all about email! All of our email marketing features will be significantly enhanced and we will also have a few BIG New features, including one that will allow you to integrate tracking codes into an entirely different kind of sales/marketing email. Stay tuned!

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