You’ll Have to See It to Believe It: ORBTR 2.5.1 is Here and You’ll Be Amazed at What It Can Do!

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This week has seen a lot of very big changes in the ORBTR platform, with the best lead tracking available for WordPress getting even better. Our changes include:

Integrating tracking with site comments: When someone leaves a comment on your blog, they’ll be automatically identified as a lead within ORBTR.

The ability to track both known leads AND anonymous visitors: That’s right, tracking isn’t just for leads anymore — you’ll also be able to gather and view complete browsing history on ALL your site visitors and track them over time. And when those anonymous folks identify themselves by filling out a form, clicking on a tracked email campaign or leaving a comment, all that browsing history will carry forward to the updated lead record.

A live site analytics dashboard: We show you how many leads and visitors are on your site in real-time along with aggregated numbers for the day. You can see which leads/visitors are online right now, who visited recently and your most popular pages and referral sources of the day.

Loads more data: Your lead and visitor profile data now includes — when available — referral sources, Google keywords, geography data, browser/OS data and more. We’re even going to show you when a lead or visitor is using a recognizable corporate network, which will give you some insight as to what companies your anonymous visitors may work for.

WAY sexy lead/visitor profiles: We’re giving you profile pics via Gravatar, more data, more options, and we’ve grouped browsing behavior by day to make it really easy to read.


And the big one…


Tools to automatically sort/categorize your leads and visitors based on behavior: We’ve removed the arbitrary hot/warm/cold labels and gave ORBTR users the ability to dynamically create “Orbits” based on who a lead/visitor is or how they use your site — and people will be added to appropriate orbits automatically as soon as they meet the criteria.


For example,

  • Let’s say you’ve been pitching a large consulting engagement to a Fortune 500 company. You could create an Orbit to automatically flag all visitors coming from that company’s network and have ORBTR alert you via email in real time.
  • Let’s say you run an online store and you want to track cart abandonment. You could create an Orbit for people who enter the shopping cart but don’t make it to the thank you page.
  • Let’s say you want to do marketing specifically to leads who view content about mobile marketing on your website. Soon, you will be able an Orbit for that and use Zapier to add them to a drip list in MailChimp as soon as they are assigned to that Orbit.

Sound powerful? It is. Because Orbits are automatically driven by the criteria you supply and actual visitor behavior businesses can use this intelligence similarly to lead scoring but more meaningful on a small business scale.

Have questions about the new release of ORBTR? Contact us today! Or start your 14 day trial now.

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