Important Info on Upgrading to ORBTR Connect Version 3.3

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ORBTR Connect users are going to start seeing the notice to update to version 3.3 in their WordPress plugin panel within the next 24 hours. This update isn’t significant for what we’ve added but rather, for what we have removed.

The Original Version of Orbits Have Been Deprecated

We first announced that this was coming when we unveiled Orbits 2 back at the beginning of December (2017). Orbits 2 are faster, more flexible, and more reliable than their predecessor, and so now — after providing our users with several months to migrate their Orbits to version 2 — the time has come to retire the original functionality altogether.

As of 3/15/18, our servers will no longer process Orbits. We are not deleting the settings for the version 1 Orbits from the system so if you have not yet migrated your settings to Orbits 2, you will need to go ahead and do that before you upgrade to ORBTR 3.3 because the new software removes your access to view old Orbits configuration.

If you are having ANY trouble at all, feel free to submit a support ticket by clicking here or consulting the friendly chatbot who lives on this page.

To be clear though, whether or not you have set up your new Orbits 2 yet, your original Orbits WILL NOT gather data anymore as of 3/15/18 whether you upgrade to the new version or not, per our announcement in December. 

Improved Performance

We are always striving to make our tools faster, and the new version — combined with the inefficiencies that we are eliminating by deprecating the old — is allowing us to do just that.

Support for PHP 7.1

We are proud to announce that ORBTR Connect 3.3 is fully compatible with PHP 7.1 for any users who are running that version on their web server.

New and Improved Billing Portal

It’s now easier than ever for ORBTR Connect users to manage their account and billing by clicking the “Account/Billing” button in their WordPress dashboard or by visiting

Bug Fixes

The new version also fixes a few minor user-reported bugs.

Updated Documentation

Click here to download the latest ORBTR documentation.


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