How To Turn Your Business Website Into A Sales Army

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If you find yourself wondering why you don’t get more business through your website, you are probably making the most common mistake in online marketing. Your website is full of useful information about your products and your business but it’s missing one vital ingredient: landing pages.

Landing pages are essentially sales people that work online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They are the vital ingredient for turning website visitors into customers.

What Is A Landing Page?

The funny thing is, landing pages aren’t that different from the pages you already have on your site. They contain content that promotes your business, they display your branding in the same way as the rest of your pages and to the naked eye, they just look like a really nice web page. The difference is conversion.

Like the best sales people, landing pages are all about closing. Every image, every word and every interaction on a landing page is designed with one thing in mind, making the visitor buy your product or service.

Each landing page should be focused on a distinct offer; service, package or product and it should make it as easy as possible to make the purchase. Once you have dedicated landing pages for your entire offering, you push them out through social media, blog content, email campaigns and advertising.

Just as your physical advertising sends people to your sales staff, your online marketing should push people towards your landing pages. And the more landing pages you have, the bigger your sales army.

What Makes A Good Landing Page?

The best landing pages have the very same characteristics as your best sales people.

Disarming Personality: Your landing pages should draw potential customers in with inviting imagery and eye-catching headlines. It should make people want to find out more.

Convincing Message: The message should be easy to understand and powerful. Through stunning images and short, sharp messaging the content should help the visitor to see why they need to buy your product.

Great Service: Sales people make everything easy for the customer, and your landing pages should do the same. The conversion points, forms or carts should integrate seamlessly into the page and be simple to use. The easier it id for the customer, the more likely they are to purchase.

Sharp Insight: The very best sales people match what they know about the business with what they know about the customer. The very best landing pages gather information on user activity that can be used to sharpen the message, improve your marketing and make more sales.

Getting Started

The best part of all of this is that any company that already has a website can create landing pages straight away. Just build a new page that fulfills the above characteristics and push visitors towards it wherever you can. Then bring together an army of online sales people and turn your online brochure into a 24/7 online sales machine.

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