Breaking Down the 3 Barriers for Marketing Automation in Small Business

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There are many well-established players in marketing automation: software-as-a-service providers who have built incredible platforms capable of performing a lot of functions to support a sales and marketing organization.

The problem is that as good as these platforms are, they are generally a poor fit for small businesses — organizations limited in in time, money and human resources. Generally speaking there are 3 primary barriers to adopting small business automation, and we designed ORBTR to solve them all, making it the ONLY platform designed specifically for the needs of small businesses and organizations.

The first barrier is Implementation.

Traditionally, getting up and running on marketing automation takes a lot of time, often measured in weeks or months. There is a lot of setup to do and businesses often need assistance of an IT person or webmaster to make the necessary changes to their domain name and website. Beyond that, there’s the task of moving content and files to the new system which can be time consuming as well. This is not really an obstacle for larger businesses: those organizations generally have resources to manage the implementation process and data migration for big software and understand in advance how long it will take. For small business, every week that marketing automation is NOT running is creating immense opportunity cost in both time and money spent on subscription fees before the software is even fully up and running.

ORBTR runs on WordPress, which solves the implementation problem. WordPress runs about 25% of all websites and a staggering number of small business sites. ORBTR installs as a plugin, no data migration is necessary and all the setup can be handled in an afternoon.

The second barrier is Training.

Big software means a big learning curve. Figuring out how to manage tasks in an unfamiliar platform takes time and, often, money. Even if you are able to successfully implement a big automation package, teaching your people how to use it can be a major obstacle and many firms end up hiring their automation providers to provide extensive training classes.

WIth ORBTR though, our integration with WordPress solves this issue as well. If you already know how to use WordPress, you already know about 90% of everything you need to successfully run ORBTR.

The third barrier is Cost.

Marketing automation can be expensive on a small business scale. Most of the big name packages run anywhere from $500-$3000 per month and more. This isn’t to say that traditional automation software isn’t a good value or isn’t worth the price tag for the right type of organization. But a financial commitment of $6,000 – $36,000 per year can be difficult to justify in a small business and especially in a non-profit.

With a monthly commitment of less than $100/month and no long-term contracts, ORBTR provides smaller, simpler small business automation at a fraction of the cost.

ORBTR is not necessarily the right fit for every business, but as of today it does stand as the only platform built specifically for small businesses and the only one that runs natively on WordPress, the small business content management platform of choice.

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