An Automated Marketing Campaign Built in Less Than an Hour

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When we built ORBTR, we designed it to be a little different than the big, all-in-one solutions that businesses are most familiar with: instead of replacing your marketing infrastructure, we build right into it, integrating with tools like WordPress, MailChimp, Salesforce and others. But the big question that a lot of people, especially those who are most familiar with the all-in-one providers is, “Can you really run automated email campaigns WITHOUT the all-in-one tool?”

Today, I’m going to prove that the answer is YES.

We created ORBTR because we felt our market — small and midsize business owners — was being vastly underserved by the established players in the automation industry. These solutions are often:

  • Expensive – They carry a total cost of ownership of $500-$5,000/month.*
  • Difficult to implement – Getting started with an all-in-one system takes 3-7 months of implementation and organization. Mandatory setup often costs $2,000-$5,000.
  • Unfamiliar and difficult to use – Their complexity requires “unlearning” what you already know about managing content, building automated email campaigns and managing lead generation.

After being sold on the idea of marketing automation, small businesses realize they can’t handle the costs and commitment required to maintain the platform. I’ve been working exclusively with small businesses as a marketing consultant for 8 years and almost every single client I’ve had that started with an all-in-one marketing platform ended up hiring a part or full-time employee just to run it.

Automation does NOT have to be complicated

Recently, a blogger who advocates the “all-in-one” model gave me the opportunity to show him ORBTR over a webinar one afternoon. And, fairly enough, he challenged me to prove the usefulness of what I showed him. He asked how ORBTR would apply, on a practical level, to small businesses and how they would use it.

So I showed him a drawing of a campaign that I use in presentations which includes multiple emails and autoresponders, a landing page, segmentation and automation:


I told him that I could build this in less than 50 minutes. Of course, once again, he asked me to prove it.

So I got out of bed at about 6 in the morning, went down to my home office and recorded, in real time, how I would go about building this campaign.

  • I did everything slowly and deliberately, explaining each step in detail along the way.
  • I made a few silly little mistakes along the way, like anyone else would.
  • I did not take any breaks.
  • I did not edit the video at all except to add flowcharts along the way to show my progress — you can see me correct my mistakes, you can hear all the parts where I coughed because I was fighting a cold and where I lost my train of thought because I did not have any coffee yet.
  • Let me stress that: no coffee.

But I was completely done within 48 minutes.

If not for narrating every step and being deliberately slow, I would have had this done in less than 35 minutes.

The full, unedited video is below. It isn’t sexy or exciting, but it proves my point.

It’s true: small businesses can easily create powerful, effective automated email campaigns without committing to a $500-$5,000 monthly bill, without having to cast aside familiar tools they like, and without having to wait months for ROI.

If you’ve been looking for a simple, WordPress-based alternative to tools like Infusionsoft, Hubspot and Pardot, please check out ORBTR — we have 14-day free trials available directly from our website. Feel free to reach out to me anytime, I am always happy to answer questions or talk about online marketing and automation.

* I define total cost of ownership as the sum of monthly subscription fees, mandatory setup fees, relevant professional services fees, necessary third party software, and the cost of staffing to use a solution.



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