5 Things You Can Start Doing RIGHT NOW To Improve Your Email Campaigns

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We’ve spent most of #emailmarketingweak talking about the things that small businesses do wrong in their email marketing. And while that’s a good way to convey a message, we also didn’t want to leave you feeling down about your ability to successfully execute a killer email campaign.

Thats why we wanted to give you one post that was all about empowering you with actionable tips you can start using right now.

1. A clean email list is a profitable list

If you ask a business owner how good their email list is, they’ll probably respond by telling you how LARGE their email list is. Not to pick the low hanging fruit and go for the double entendre, but the size of your list isn’t always a measure of how good it is. A good list will be used frequently, always up to date and have few bouncebacks and spam reports. Why is that important? Because bounces and spam reports can impact the deliverability of your messages and the more likely your emails are to be delivered, the better your chances are of making money. If your list gets stale, run it through a tool like BriteVerify and it will automatically peel off the bad addresses for you.

2. Simplify!

Why don’t we do more email marketing? Because we think it’s hard. Why do we think it’s hard? Because it takes too much time to populate complicated graphical email templates with multiple columns, sections, etc. No one ever said email marketing had to be that complicated — except, strangely enough, the email marketing companies who made those blasted templates!

If you’re disenchanted with templates, experiment with short, simple messages that can be executed with a simple “text” emails.

3. Strong subject line, strong call to action

Subject lines are important in helping your emails get opened. They can be the difference between success and spam reports. We covered this topic extensively during #emailmarketingweak. Be sure to invest as much time in your call to action though because just as surely as your subject line drives open rates, your call to action will drive clicks. Make sure your readers know what you want them to do next!

4. Integrate email with your sales process

Why are we doing any of this? To get more sales, of course! If you have an internal sales team, get them involved in the email marketing process: they know what offers are likely to be most compelling to their audience and they can help follow up with leads after a campaign. Also consider autoresponder campaigns to further nurture your most interested leads to support your sales team.

5. Be engaging!

No one wants to read a boring email. Engage your audience and don’t be afraid to let your — or your brand’s — personality shine. You are taking valuable time to prepare and send these messages because you need them to help you build relationships with people who are, or who we hope will one day become, our customers. Crack a joke, insert a funny animated gif, tell a good story about a recent success you had with a client. When people actually WANT to read your messages, you’ll be amazed at how much more effective they are.

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