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Small business is not only the foundation of our economy and our nation’s leading source of job creation, but also the cornerstone of the American dream. Like all aspirational dreams though, entrepreneurial success is not easy to come by.

Everyone who has found success owes some measure of gratitude to others — and if you’re reading this, you have the opportunity to contribute to the success of real business owners in a very positive way.

If you’re an entrepreneur that’s benefited from the kindness of another, we’d ask you to return that favor.

If you are a capitalist or angel investor, we’d ask you to help feed the ecosystem that makes you successful.

Any contribution — large, small, one-time, or recurring — is welcome, helpful, and appreciated. Financial contributions can be made here, or contact us if you are interested in corporate sponsorships or volunteer opportunities.

The Orbiter Project is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit and donations are tax-deductible.

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