Digital marketing automation is available now to businesses of ALL sizes.

Orbiter Connect, our marketing automation suite, serves small businesses in three unique ways:

  1. It turns any small business WordPress website into a marketing machine and integrates easily with all of the tools and applications entrepreneurs love.
  2. Installation and implementation is FAST: you’ll be using Orbiter Connect in less time than it takes to boil an egg.
  3. It’s affordable: Orbiter costs less than a week’s worth of groceries or a romantic dinner out, and qualified applicants will get Orbiter Connect included in their Orbiter Marketing Scholarship.

Track All Website Leads and Visitors

Monitor all the individuals who visit your site, and identify those who fill out forms, purchase items, click through from email campaigns, or comment on your blog. Receive real-time email notifications telling you when an identified lead as returned and what page they are looking at.

Segment Users By Their Behavior

Create dynamic groups or “Orbits” of individuals based on a combination of browsing criteria like the pages they visit, the number of times they visit, where they are, or how they found your site.

Facilitate Marketing Automation

Use your user segments to create dynamic site content and calls-to-action. Orbiter Connect also integrates with hundreds of applications by way of our connection with Zapier which allows you to create automatic workflows based on how users interact with your site.

Orbiter Connect integrates with HUNDREDS of your favorite small business tools and applications!

Native Integrations


Orbiter Connect installs as a WordPress plugin, allowing you to manage much of your automation directly from within the WordPress admin interface.

Gravity Forms

Orbiter's integration with Gravity Forms allows you pinpoint control over field mapping and the ability to identify any form submission as a tracked lead within Orbiter.


Any customer who checks out in WooCommerce will be automatically identified as a lead within Orbiter.


Orbiter comes with the ability to create MailChimp emails and autoresponders from within WordPress. Lead tracking from encoded links is also natively available.


Zapier allows you to use Orbiter-tracked browsing behavior on your website to trigger automation in over 1000 connected applications.


Create prospecting emails with Orbiter tracking links in WordPress and deliver them through MailChimp’s transactional email platform Mandrill.

WordPress users

Automatically identify leads when they become registered users on your site, either through commenting on your blog or becoming a member of your site through any membership plugin that uses WordPress’ native user database.

Email Marketing Apps

Orbiter's method for identifying leads through specially coded links works with any email marketing platform that supports personalization or merge tags within emails.

Available Through Zapier


The world-leading CRM solution.


Team collaboration and productivity application.

Google Drive

Send data to spreadsheets and docs.


Small business CRM and productivity tools.


CRM and marketing automation application.


Project management, productivity, and collaboration.


Marketing automation application.


SMS and voice software.


Automated mailing solution for handwritten greeting cards.


Small business CRM.


Small business CRM.

Hubspot crm

Free CRM solution.