Small businesses owners need marketing help: we’ve created an entrepreneurship charity to provide it

Every month 543,000 small businesses open their doors for the first time. Nearly half will close within two years. But the astonishingly high failure rate of small businesses only tells part of the story.

Women and minority-owned businesses consistently underperform against their counterparts; changes in the GI Bill have made it more difficult than ever for veterans to start businesses in the first place; nonprofits have a dual challenge — reaching both users/clients and donors — exacerbated by terribly limited resources. And any business operating at a loss can easily find themselves hopelessly caught in a downward spiral.

These issues create a glass ceiling that few entrepreneurs manage to break.

Supporting small businesses, especially those who start with the odds stacked against them, is not only a worthy cause, but an important one. Small businesses represent nearly ⅔ of job creation in this country and more than half of the workforce.

We hope you’ll join us in our mission to give them a fighting chance at success — success which benefits everyone.

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