Let us teach you how to approach digital marketing the right way

Great tools won’t lead to success on their own — entrepreneurs need to know what job those tools are best suited to perform, when to use them, and how to use them properly.

The recipients of our Orbiter Marketing Scholarship receive access to all of our digital marketing education resources, including two certification courses.

Digital Marketing Webinars

Topics will include everything from marketing management to budgeting, search engine optimization, email marketing, advertising, analytics, and more.

Digital Marketing Academy

Our Digital Marketing Academy is a 6-week certification course designed to help novice and mid-level marketers understand exactly how digital marketing strategies come together in the short and long-term and how to best prioritize budget and effort.

Marketing Automation Academy

Our Marketing Automation Academy is a 3-week certification course for novice and mid-level sales and marketing automation practitioners using WordPress and Orbiter Connect as their marketing backbone.