You don’t need to do it alone, our small business marketing community is here to help.

Being an entrepreneur is lonely work: most business owners don’t have access to people who understand “what it’s like” and that they can talk honestly with. When it comes to digital marketing, this innate loneliness is often compounded by the fear that talking about your problems or asking questions will make you sound ignorant or appear less than intelligent.

We believe in fostering community in a way that is safe and inclusive for entrepreneurs and marketers of all levels. Orbiter Marketing Scholarship recipients receive all the benefits of our community offerings.

Facebook Group

Our members-only Facebook group provides an active 24×7 environment where business owners can ask questions, request feedback, or present issues that they are running into in their marketing efforts.


Ask Me Anything Sessions

We also hosting monthly Ask a Marketer Anything sessions via conference call, giving our community access to experienced marketers and digital experts who are happy to provide answers to questions that are easier to talk about in person, rather than in a Facebook post.